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Math Technology Summit Spring 2016

Introduce Yourself!

How does regular computer access change the Math classroom?
  • What are some positives you’ve experienced with Chromebook carts or a 1:1 environment? 
  • How has technology enhanced your ability to incorporate the 8 Mathematical Practices?
  • What are some challenges you’ve faced?
Breakout Session 1

Screencasting and EdPuzzle 
(Nick Springer in Computer Lab)
    This workshop will go over the steps to create an individualized experience for each student. We will explore how to 
    screencast material and the benefits it entails.  We will also be working with EdPuzzle and how to use that with or without
    screencasting. These are two phenomenal tools to help make teaching interactive and engaging for each student.  By the
    end of the session you will have a lesson that is ready to go for any student in the classroom or at home.

GeoGebra (John Berray in Classroom)
    Get your students noticing and wondering with Geogebra, a dynamic geometry software that works beautifully on
    Chromebooks. Students love it because it makes math tangible. You might even find that your students will scream out
    theorems without even cracking their textbooks. This session will involve the basics of Geogebra, how to find pre-made
    activities, and where to find online support and inspiration from other Geogebra users. 


Breakout Session 2

Socrative | PearDeck (Nick Springer in Computer Lab)
    This workshop will investigate how to turn the classroom into an engaging workplace for all students and not just the
    couple that always raise their hands. We will explore how to use Socrative as an engaging classroom tool.  Then we will 
    journey through PearDeck which truly creates an interactive classroom.  Both of these tools don't change the way you
    teach but rather transform the classroom.  By the end of the session you will have an outline or layout for a lesson coming

Activity Builder in Desmos (John Berray in Classroom)
    Desmos is a free online graphing calculator that has tremendous potential for student mathematical understanding with
    an interactive feature called Activity Builder. Learn about the incredible Activity Builders that other math teachers have
    created for you to use, how to implement them in a 1-1 environment, and how to create your own Activity Builders from
    scratch. Activity Builder is valuable for all levels of high school math, from pre-algebra through calculus.

Strategy and Tool Share
Share strategies and tools that have been successful with your students (including low tech)


Exploration & Creation