Docs and Drive

The our primary uses of technology these days involve email and word processing. So why should you give up the reliable other word processing program that shall not be named? Here's a few reasons:
  1. Access, create, and edit from any computer, device, and/or location. In the world. Online OR offline.
  2. Share documents with everyone, certain people, or no one at all. You control who has access to your document. 
  3. Collaboratively create and edit documents with specific people. See changes real time - no more email documents back and forth. Everyone has access to the latest version.
  4. Embed your documents on your website. When you make changes, your website is automatically updated. It's like magic, but real.
  5. It's mobile. Use your phone or tablet to view and edit in addition to a computer.
Let's Try Docs
Docs Key Features
  • Sharing and publishing
  • Automatic saving
  • Revision history
  • Share templates
  • Not just word processing - also includes Presentations, Spreadsheets, and Drawing.
  • Organization all occurs in Drive.
Administrative Uses
Key Logistical Questions
  • How to get to my Drive (Screencast)
  • How can I manage my Google Drive files list? (Screencast)
  • Wait! Where are the docs and folders that are shared with me? (Screencast)
  • How to create and share a folder in Google Drive (Screencast)
  • How to find files with Search, Advanced Search, & Sort (Screencast)
  • Can I import my old Office files? (Screencast
  • How about exporting to a PDF or Office file? (Screencast)
  • Upload Settings: To Convert Automatically to Google Docs Format or Confirm First? (Screencast)

  • Create a document and share it with someone in the room. Edit it together.
  • Publish a document for the world to see.
  • Share a document with a Mail contact list.
• Mail