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Infographics (Summer '16)
What are Infographics?
    • A visual representation of data
    • A tool to educate and inform

Why have students create them?
    • Literacy (Information, Visual, Technology)
    • Engaging and creative
Examples of Infographics
    • Marvel Comics
    • Coca-Cola

Thinking About an Infographic? 

Where do I create my Infographic? (Sign in with Google)
    • Piktochart
    • Google Drawing

Things to know before we start
    • You don’t have to be an expert!
    • Cite sources at the bottom

Pick a challenge (or two)
    Political Issue Infographic (College Prep American Government)
    • Battles of World War II (College Prep U.S. History)
    • World War II Infographics (College Prep World History)
    • Resume Infographic (Google for examples) 
    • Class Syllabus Infographic (Google for examples)
    • Create Your Own - Potential Class Project or Personal

How to submit the link your Infographics
Things to consider when creating Infographic Projects
    • How much research will you require? (Template)
    • What does the grading look like?
    • Creative Commons / Fair Use
    • All graphs and charts should be original
    • Feature work on an ePortfolio
    • Infographics - Kathy Schrock


Choose Your Challenge

Creation Celebration