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Infographics 2016-17

What are Infographics?
  • A visual representation of data
  • A tool to educate and inform
Why have students create them?
  • Literacy (Information, Visual, Technology)
  • Engaging and creative
Examples of Infographics
Thinking About an Infographic? 
Things to know before we start
Read Article / Plan Infographic
Pick a challenge (or two)
    History Infographic Challenges
Infographic Brainstorm
Things to consider when creating Infographic Projects
  • How much research will you require? (Template)
  • Which tool will students use
  • What does the grading look like?
  • Creative Commons / Fair Use
  • All graphs and charts should be original
  • How will you collect the Infographics?
  • Feature work on a Digital Portfolio


Choose Your Challenge

Creation Celebration