Using Docs in the Classroom

In many ways Docs is the entryway technology for Google Apps. Creating, sharing, and editing Google Documents is incredibly easy to do AND every staff member and student are connected in an Apps domain.

Key Features
  • Sharing / Share Settings / Email Notification / (Shared with Me in Drive)
  • Saves Automatically
  • Revision History
  • Making a Copy
  • Download As
  • Research Bar / MLA Citations
  • Spellcheck / Define
  • Comment / DiscussionChat
  • Suggestions
Key Classroom Uses
  • How to create a document in Google Drive (Screencast)
  • How to share a document created with a Google Apps account (Screencast)
  • How do I share a document with just selected users? (Screencast)
  • How do I publish a document for everyone to see? (Screencast)
  • How do I share a template with my students? (Screencast)

  1. Contribute To A Collaborative Document.
  2. Make A Copy Of A Document
    • Text marking:
      • Find the meanings of unfamiliar words and phrases using the Research feature. Add footnotes to annotate the text.
      • Summarize/Paraphrase each paragraph.
      • Highlight in yellow the author's claims (What does the author think we should do?).
      • Highlight in blue the author's reasoning that support the claims (Why does the author think so?).
      • Record your personal reactions to the ideas presented in the text. 
    • Incomplete sample.