Add-ons are scripts that expand the functionality of Google Docs and Forms / Spreadsheets. While there are a number that can be used with forms, there are two key ones:
Multiple choice or exact text answer, check for understanding tools.
  • Create a Google Form
  • Students answer questions
  • View spreadsheet responses
  • Use the add-on and run the script
  • Send students the results via email.
Provides the ability to collect data in a form and then create nicely formatted Google Documents with the data. The Docs can be shared back with the contributors or not.  

  • Form letters
  • Applications
  • Breaking down the writing process
Basic Process
  1. Create your form.
  2. Create a template based upon the fields you want to bring into the document.
  3. Add the Autocrat Add-on.
  4. Run the Add-on. 
Demo Documents
Autocrat Website - Includes some a couple videos that go into more depth.