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English Technology Summit

Quickfire Challenges 
  • Short, timed challenges to increase student engagement, skills, collaboration and content knowledge. 

Breakouts  Choose one from session 1 and one from session 2

Session 1 
  • Interactive Lessons
    • Learn how to create investigative lesson plans, guided close readings, and embed supports using digital tools for "into, through, and beyond" reading and writing lessons.
  • Daily Timed Quickwrites
    • Explore using daily writing as a way to increase writing fluency, address the three Common Core writing types, and help students develop skills related to time management, data collection, and reflection.  The presentation will cover how to easily design the writing tasks/topics, distribute and collect work (via Google Classroom or paper), have students track their own growth (via Google Sheets), and design culminating reflection activities (via Google Forms).  It’s easy to implement just one piece or the whole concept, and the impact is profound.  
Session 2
  • Digital Portfolios: 
    • Explore using digital portfolios as a way to train students to make their thinking visible. Digital portfolios can be so much more than a collection of learning artifacts. Learn how to help students demonstrate their knowledge through the creation and curation of digital portfolios.
    • We all know essays important, but they are also very time consuming for students and teachers. This session will look at alternative ways to assess skills like use of evidence, citations, research synthesis, and presentation of information. These alternatives can be used to narrow the focus on particular pieces of the writing process as well as offer students choice in how they demonstrate their learning.


Demo Slams - Quick tips and tricks in under 2 minutes
  • Turnitin
  • GoGuardian
  • SAS Writing Reviser
  • EDPuzzle (click the link, click "Student", click the red icon to log in with your Google Account)

Think Tank - An opportunity to get feedback on a prospective lesson, unit, project, to bounce ideas off of each other, and to share with English teachers across the district.

Digital Lesson Design - Work time to develop a digital lesson of your choosing.