Sign Up

  1. Go to and select the signup button
  2. Choose “I am a Teacher”
  3. Use your Google account.
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Find Content

  1. Select the ‘Find Content’ tab
  2. Using the subheader, use filters to browse by subject and unit. Also search for texts by title and author. 

  3. Select a title, choose the assignment, and Go to Your Workspace.
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Add Your Own Text

  1. Select the "Create Assignments" tab
  2. Select “Add Content” in the subheader
  3. Choose an article from the internet
  4. Article will load on your Workspace
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Add a Google Doc

  1. Open google document
  2. Select "File" and "Publish to the web..."
  3. Copy the URL to use 

Create an Assignment

  1. Select the text in your Workspace
  2. In the Reader, highlight a part of the text to insert notes and questions
  3. Exit the Reader when you complete your assignment
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Assign a Text

  1. From your Workshop, select “Assign to Classes” 
  2. Choose the text, and place it in the class you created. (You will be prompted to create a class if you have not already)

Create a Class & Sign Up Your Students 

  1. Select New Class in the View Classes tab and fill out the info for the pop-up
  2. Go to ‘Roster’ in the Subheader, select the + tile for signup instructions for your students
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Grade and Assess

  1. Select the assignment in your class
  2. See the data of class progress, grades, discussions, and flags
  3. Grade responses by toggling to the grading view in the top

Class Settings & Options

  1. Select Class Setting in your class to edit
  2. Change the Student Reading Settings by checking or unchecking the boxes
  3. Change the Gradebook Settings by changing the point value for each type of question
  4. Select Update to save all changes