Distributing and collecting work is an essential part of any classroom. Over the course of this workshop, we have modeled a few different methods for both.

  1. Workshop Website (Google Sites) - Here we have the outline with links to additional resources. However, it is tough to collect anything from just a Google Site. It is a good way to get info to kids and parents.

  2. Google Classroom - This has become the "go to" for many teachers digital exchanges with their students. It has two methods:
    1. Announcements - Send out Google Forms, links to readings, videos, etc.
    2. Assignments - Distribute a Doc to every student or one for them to share.
  1. Google Classroom - After giving an assignment, students can turn in a specific Doc, attach any other document to it, OR even a link

  2. Google Forms - Collect short responses, URLs, and just about anything. You can sort responses, hide columns, publish the results, and more.

  3. Open Presentations - If students are creating images of some sort (Drawings, Memes, Tweets, etc.), you can open up a presentation so anyone can edit. Makes it easy to see everyone's work in one place.
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