Social Media

Writing and thinking can take many forms. Sometimes trying to express a complex idea in an abbreviated manner can challenge the students in a different way. These two strategies give students that chance in a world they know - social media.

  1. Fake Tweet Builder | Twitter Tweet Generator
    Say what you want about social media, but have you tried to boil down an idea or an exchange to 140 characters? It is more difficult than you think!

    Samples: Assignment | Student ExamplesHistorical Tweets - professional fake tweets

  2. imgflip - Meme Creator
    Memes have become all the rage in your students Instagram and Tumblr feeds. What if you had them apply those ideas to a book you are reading or an idea being discussed in class?  


            Samples: Assignment | Student Examples -  Hamlet  The Crucible
  1. Facebook | iPhone Generators
    There are generators for just about everything.

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