Providing student feedback is an essential part of any classroom. Here are several options for teachers to give students in-progress comments or other feedback.

The Basic Methods

  • Use the comments feature in Docs 
  • Start with a template that has your rubric in it. Have students complete the rubric themselves before they submit it. You complete the rubric and add comments as needed. 
  • Use the Read&Write Google extension to highlight various elements of the document. 

Interactive Methods
Written comments often to do not give student a deep enough understanding of what you are trying to convey. Sometimes, you just want to explain it. Here are two methods that give you that chance.

- This is a tool that allows you to record audio throughout a document. Teachers set up an account and then have students submit their Docs to a teacher box.
Screencasting - You can also record yourself via a screencast and send students the URL of the video. This could be helpful if you wanted to show examples of changes, etc. Tools include: - While this is most commonly known as a plagiarism tool, it also has some amazing features for grading and providing feedback.  The district has purchased accounts for all teachers, so check with your principal to see who is your point-of-contact at your site.