This activity focuses on the features available in Google Classroom.

Before we start: Check if the Read&Write tab is at the top of the Google Doc window. If it isn’t there, then click on this link.

This lesson has four major challenges:
  1. Act as a student in Google Classroom, see the options as a teacher. Complete the assignment below and turn it in as a student might.
  2. Get an overview of Read&Write for Google and learn about its features.
  3. Read and mark-up a document using Read&Write and turn it in through Google Classroom.
  4. Come up with one assignment idea that will allow you to use Google Classroom with your students.

Part 1: Google Classroom Primer

We will walk through some quick items related to Google Classroom. More detailed resources will be discussed after the lesson. Topics to be covered now include:

  • Joining a class as a student
  1. Go to (Be sure you are logged in with your GUHSD Google account)
  2. If you are new to Google Classroom, make sure you select "Teacher"
  3. Click the "plus sign" in the top right corner  and select "join class"
  4. Use class code - ed84gef

  • Basic functionality of Classroom (Sample Class - English 5/6H)

  1. Announcements
  2. Pushing out documents (assignments)
  3. Collecting assignments
  4. Grading assignments

Part 2: Read&Write Google: What is it? How can I use it?
  1. Student Access - students must use their GUHSD Google Accounts to use Read&Write
    1. Student Account Information
  2. Demo of features - Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address
  • Dictionary (pictures)
  • Text-to-speech
  • Fact Finder
  • Translator
  • Highlighting
  • Collecting highlights
  • Collecting vocabulary

Part 3: Document analysis: Read and mark-up 

  1. Go to classroom and open the ELA Google Workshop class.
  2. Open up the assignment titled: Read&Write For Google Practice.
  3. Follow the instructions to complete the assignment.
  4. Turn in your finished assignment via Google Classroom.

Part 4: Your Turn!

  1. Come up with at least one assignment idea that you can use to try Google Classroom.
  2. Submit your assignment idea to this form. (See results here)
  3. If time permits, set up a Google Classroom for one of your classes.

To learn more about Classroom, review the GUHSDtech Classroom page.