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El Capitan - ELA

Google Drive and Docs Basics

Features - Docs
  • Creating documents
  • Sharing
  • Revision history
  • Adding comments
Features - Drive
  • Creating folders
  • Shared with me folder
  • Searching
  • Sharing docs and folders
Classroom Integration
  • Collecting work via folders
  • Creating templates for students
  • Managing drive folders (Screencast)
  • Shared with me files (Screencast)
  • Searching Drive (Screencast)
  • Importing Office files (Screencast) | Converting files (Screencast)
  • Exporting to a PDF or Office file (Screencast)
  • Sharing a file (Screencast)
  • Publishing a file (Screencast)
  • Creating a template (Screencast)
  • Adding Comments (Screencast)
  • Collecting work via folders (Screencast)
  • Naming Conventions - Your life will be a lot easier if you create some sort of naming convention. This will allow you to readily identify the student and assignment (and class if you have multiple sets of students).