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Review and Vote

Part 4: Review and Vote
  1. Go through your peer's posters (embedded below or click here to open the spreadsheet in a new window).
  2. Now, open up the Digital Citizenship Voting Form and select the best in each category.

Digital Citizenship Posters

Debrief the Lesson Experience

Technology Components
  • Set up a folder
  • Used a template document
  • Marked up a document
  • Filed marked up document into the folder
  • Claimed a topic on a shared Google Doc
  • Used a research guide template - shared it with group members
  • Used Research Tool in Google Docs
  • Created a shared Google Drawing
  • Submitted finished URLs to a Google Form
  • Viewed finished products in a published Google Spreadsheet
  • Voted on peer work via a Google Form
  • View a summary of results from a Google Form.