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Introduction Activity

Part 2: Introduction to Digital Citizenship Activity
  1. What is Digital Citizenship? Quick group discussion.

  2. Document analysis: Read and mark-up Why America's kids need a national Digital Citizenship curriculum.
    1. Open up the document. 
    2. Make a copy of it and move it into your Assignment Folder. Name it: Cohort-DCArticle-Lastname (e.g. A-DCArticle-McDowell)
    3. Turn on the highlighting Add-on.
    4. While reading the article, identify at least three major ideas regarding the value of Digital Citizenship in the classroom. Highlight and insert a comment explaining each ideas importance. 
    5. Answer the two questions at the bottom of the document.

  3. What should digital citizenship look like in your class? On the notecard, summarize your response in 10 words or fewer. Share in your team. Develop a vision for the team that includes two topics your team should focus on.