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Research and Create

Part 3: Digital Citizenship Poster Project
This project should be done in groups of 2-3.

After researching your assigned topic, create a poster in Google Drawing that is pleasantly designed includes:
  • At least two images
  • 3-4 guidelines or rules about the topic
Process - Research
  1. Claim your topic on this Google Document (first come, first serve!).

  2. One person in the group should open this Google Document Research Guide. Make a copy of the document. Then he/she needs to share it with the other group members. Everyone should drop it in their Assignment Folder.
    Name it: Cohort-Research-LastNames (e.g. A-Research-McDowell-Hoffman)

  3. Using the research bar, collectively find at least three websites with information on your topic. Take notes on the document in the provided boxes.
Process - Create Your Google Drawing
  1. As a group, decide upon your the main guidelines for the final poster.

  2. One person should create the Google Drawing, share it with the other group members, and change the access to Anyone with link. Everyone should drop it in their Assignment Folder.
    Name it: Cohort-DigitalCitizenshipPoster-Lastnames

  3. Find images to go with your poster.
  4. Design the poster. If you want a quick overview of Google Drawing and how to use it, watch the Google Drawing Screencast.

  5. When finished, submit it to this form.