Marking Up Text

Back in March, Google Added a series of Add-ons that expanded the functionality of Google Docs. Text Help Study Skills is one that can be readily utilized in any classroom that is reading web-based articles, poems, or short stories. (Speaking of which, have you seen

Read&Write Extension Upgrade

It also has a feature that allows you to Collect the Highlights into another document.

Let's Try It!
  1. Go to the Sample Article we used on the Day 1 Workshop. 
  2. Make a Copy - Name it DCArticle2-lastname
  3. Activate the Add-on as shown
How to Use
  1. Find an article you want to use
  2. Copy it into a Google Doc (make sure to cite it!)
  3. In the Docs Menu Bar, go to Add-ons. 
  4. Search for Text Help Study Skills. *
  5. Click for the +Free button in the top-left of the information box. *
  6. Accept all of the permissions. *
  7. Activate the Add-on through the Add-on drop down menu. **
* You only have do this ONCE!
** Once you have added this to a document, if you make it a template - it will be attached to it. However, if a student has not activated it, they will have to do go through that process just one time.