Chromebook Plan

Bringing Chromebooks into the classroom is not just about bring technology in for the sake of technology. It needs to increase engagement, make your class more efficient, and, most importantly, heighten the learning of your content.

You have learned about a number of tools that can help you start his process. Now what? This activity asks you to create a lesson that you can use this year (or early next year) or outline strategies that you can start using.

Now, how can you specifically bring at least one of them into your classroom. You have two options for this part. 

Share which ever you do with Dan. You can do it as a team or an individual.
  1. Create a project / lesson plan
  2. Outline a broader implementation with specifics
    • List specific activities you can use the Chromebooks
    • Detail how you will use them
    • Use this template as a starting point.