Chrome Browser Apps and Extensions / Google Docs Add-ons

Apps and Extensions on a Chromebook (or Chrome Browser), magnify the instructional and logistical functions of the Internet.

An App is essentially a stand alone web application that works within a SINGLE browser window. Some of these apps offer OFFLINE options so if you lose your Internet connection, you can still work. 
  • WeVideo - Create video projects and collaborate with others right within Google Drive
  • Pixlr - A full featured in browser photo editor.
  • Desmos - Beautiful, powerful, free math exploration. Brought to you by
  • Timer - Simple and easy
  • LucidChart - Diagramming software for students and teachers.
  • Daum Equation Editor - create math equations/formulas easily as images or in LaTex
  • Scratchpad - Quick and easy notetaking app that saves to Google Drive
  • Padlet - Virtual bulletin board to curate media
  • - Virtual Bulletin Board for visual collaboration (like Padlet on Steroids)
  • Kaizena - leave voice comments on Google Docs for feedback
  • Kindle Cloud Reader - Access your Kindle books on your browser
  • - Synchronized note taking as you watch videos
  • GeoGebra - graphing application within Chrome
  • Read&Write - extension within Google Docs
Thanks to JR Ginex-Orinion for many of these.

An Extension adds some sort of functionality across all tabs and windows of your browser, usually by clicking on an icon at the top of the browser.
  • Awesome Screenshot - Take and annotate a screenshot.
  • Screencastify - Create a screencast, upload it to Drive or YouTube (or download it).
  • Clearly - Remove clutter from a website
  • Clipboard History - Keeps a memory of all of the items you saved to your clipboard.
  • Presentation Remote for Google Drive - In conjunction with the de Mobo iOS / Android App you can use your phone as a remote fora Google Presentation.
  • ShortenMe - Makes a shortened URL and QR code for any website.
  • Tab Cloud - Save and restore window sessions over time and across multiple computers.
  • Magic Actions for YouTube - Ad block, easily control volume, remove related videos
  • TabScissors - Splits the browser window into 2 equal parts, placing a tab in each window
Google Docs Add-ons
Add-ons are a new feature found inside Google Docs and Spreadsheets.
  • Texthelp Study Skills Highlighting Tools - Mark up a document
  • EasyBib
  • LucidChart
  • Track Changes
  • Thesaurus
  • Kaizena - Add audio comments to a Google Doc.