Curricular Integration
  • SAMR Model
  • Modification, Redefinition, and the 4C's
    • Communication
    • Collaboration
    • Critical Thinking
    • Creativity
  • How can you use Apps to bring the 4Cs into your digital curriculum?
Apps Demo
  • WeVideo
  • LucidChart
  • Kaizena
We are going to do the same thing as we did with the extensions, except this time we are going to focus on how these Apps could enhance your curriculum.
  1. Take about 30 minutes to go through the list below or search the Chrome Web Store on your own.
  2. Find and install ones that might fit into an existing or new lesson.
  3. Play with them. Create something, see how it works, and think about where they could fit.
  4. Pick one to share (on the list or one you found at the Chrome Web Store). On your assigned Presentation Slide, list:
    • Name of the App
    • What it does in one sentence
    • Screenshot or other image (icon)
Get ready to demo your favorite one. Everyone is going to share their favorite.

  • WeVideo - Create video projects and collaborate with others right within Google Drive
  • Pixlr - A full featured in browser photo editor.
  • Desmos - Beautiful, powerful, free math exploration. Brought to you by
  • Timer - Simple and easy
  • LucidChart - Diagramming software for students and teachers.
  • Daum Equation Editor - create math equations/formulas easily as images or in LaTex
  • Scratchpad - Quick and easy notetaking app that saves to Google Drive
  • Padlet - Virtual bulletin board to curate media
  • - Virtual Bulletin Board for visual collaboration (like Padlet on Steroids)
  • Kaizena - leave voice comments on Google Docs for feedback
  • Kindle Cloud Reader - Access your Kindle books on your browser
  • - Synchronized note taking as you watch videos
  • GeoGebra - graphing application within Chrome