Overview & Challenge Prep

This introductory challenge will focus on Digital Citizenship and the experience of utilizing several different Google tools. The challenge can be replicated or modified for your curriculum.  Additionally, all teachers and students need to have a firm understanding of acceptable behaviors online, both on and off campus. This lesson provides you an outline of the main topics associated with Digital Citizenship.

This lesson has five major challenges:
  1. Act as a student in Google Classroom, see the options as a teacher. Complete the assignment and turn it in as a student would.
  2. Copy and mark-up a document on Digital Citizenship in Google Docs.
  3. Complete a collaborative note sheet with references in Google Docs on a specific topic related to Digital Citizenship.
  4. Create a Google Drawing poster illustrating the main ideas of your topic.
  5. Review the work of your peers and vote on your favorites.
Part 1: Google Classroom Primer
We will walk through some quick items related to Google Classroom. More detailed resources will be discussed after the lesson. Topics to be covered now include:
  • If you have not used Google Classroom, join as a "Teacher" and create a class titled - "Practice Class"
  • Join the BTSA Year 1 (2015-16) class as a "Student".
    • Class Code - 5n7oud
  • Demo of basic functionality of Classroom