New Type of Presenter

The Era of Posterboards and PowerPoints is Officially Over!
Take the same content and produce a dynamic digital version. Save student's money, increase their digital literacy, engage the audience and save everything in the cloud.

Google Drawing
Part of Google Docs. Embed images, charts, graphs, text, shapes, clip art, etc.
Muslim Empires Info Graphic Assignment / All Examples
Digital Citizenship Awareness Poster /
All Examples

Create dynamic single page posters / charts from a selection templates. Insert text, photos, graphs and charts. Use the presentation mode to walk an audience
through each section of the canvas.
Presidential Decisions

Create animated, fun, and visually appealing presentations with this easy to use drag and
drop tool. Option to export as movie to YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

Easy to animate presentations. Incorporates images, text, animations, and video 
Single canvas, multimedia presentation tool. Has a fully integrated
search feature in the tool. No need to go to another tab to find what you want. YouTube, Google Dri
ve, Flickr, DropBox, Google Search, etc.
Elections 2012 Flipped
Baseball Training

A single slide presentation that allows for the presenter to
zoom in and out, move to and from images / text in a fluid manner.
Prezi Edu= Edu Enjoy accounts for students and teachers.
Tech Presentation (teacher)
Future Proof Your Education (full potential)