Photo Prompt Creation

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Photo Prompts
Examples of teacher created photo prompts. Poke around the sites listed below to help give you an idea of how to design photo writing prompts that might engage your students.
Use Google Drawing To Create A Photo Prompt
  1. Want a quick overview of Google Drawing? 
  2. "Create" a new "Drawing" in your Google Drive
  3. Find and insert a fair use photo by using the research tool (view screencast)
    • Click on “Tools” - “Research”
    • Select image search
    • Click on the down arrow and select 
    • “Free to use, share or modify, even commercially”
    • Search a topic, find a photo, drag it into your drawing.
  4. Add your prompt (view screencast
  5. When finished, go to “File” - “Download As” - “PNG or JPEG image”
    • You can now insert that photo into your Google Site, Doc, Presentation, etc.
  6. Share 
Mobile Photography Apps To Get You Started
Watch the creation process of a Google Drawing