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Admin Apprentice - October 21

Agenda - Wednesday, October 21, 2015

  1. Introduction and context

    Future Ready - Admin Apprentice 2015

  2. Future Ready Gears - In your groups, go through each of the gears below and add your thoughts.
    1. Gear 1: Student Learning
    2. Gear 2: Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment
    3. Gear 3: Use of Time
    4. Gear 7: Professional Learning
    5. Across the Gears: Empowered, Innovative Leadership

      Where are we as a district? What our biggest challenges?

  3. Discussion: Instructional Leadership
    1. What does it look like? 
    2. What does it look like at 1-1 school?

  4. SAMR Overview OR Admin Slam / Share

     Admin Slam / Share
     Already a SAMR expert? No problem!

    • Go to the Application Services Conference Room
    • Select two tech-related tools or strategies that could be useful for an administrator. Consider what you have learned from the Ninja workshops, Chromebook workshops, Google Summit, etc.  Create a 3 minute or less slam / share that includes both topics. 
    • It can be a demo, a Google Slide presentation, etc.

  5. 4Cs
    1. In groups you will be assigned a 4Cs topic (and group). Everyone in the group should open the document.
      1. Collaboration
      2. Communication
      3. Creativity
      4. Critical Thinking
    2. Review the following resources independently:
    1. As a group, discuss each of the parts of the guide.
    2. Create a four slide Google Presentation that includes the following:
      1. A brief definition of your C
      2. A list of action words describing your C
      3. 2-3 examples of your C in the classroom
    3. Share out your presentation
    4. Individually answer the questions in the Reflection: Encourage and Support document.

  6. Staying Connected