One of the most important aspects of Google Docs when it comes to integration into an English classroom is the ability to create and share templates that you create.  Some potential templates include:
  • An essay rubric
  • A reading to be annotated
  • A worksheet
  • Vocab lists
  • Rhetorical Precis
  • Cornell Notes
  • Anything else?
The process is easy:
  1. Go into Google Docs and create the template
  2. Make the document public
  3. Share the link of the now public document
    • Link it to you website
    • Use a URL shortener and write / type it somewhere
  4. Have students log in to their Google accounts and access the link
  5. Students then go to File and Make a Copy
  6. Students then submit it to you (See Collecting Working)
For a screencast on creating templates, click here.