Google Doc Resources

[Here are a series of screencasts that address specific items regarding classroom use of Google Drive and Docs. However, if you want a full Google Drive course, visit]
  1. How can I manage my Google Doc files list? (Screencast)
    • Use collections to sort files - including placing files in multiple collections
    • After placing files in collections "hide" them from your Home list

  2. Wait! Where are the docs and folders that have been shared with me? (Screencast)

  3. How to find files with Search, Advanced Search, & Sort (Screencast)

  4. Can I import my old Office files? (ScreencastHow about exporting to a PDF or Office file? (Screencast)
    • Importing is a snap - just use the Upload button. You will have the option to either convert the file OR keep it in its original format. If you do the latter, you cannot edit online, but it can be viewed and downloaded.
    • Not only can you import Office files, you can also import and view PDFs, videos, images, and more!
    • Exporting a Google Doc is just as easy, just go to File -> Download as -> Select your desired format.

  5. Upload Settings: To Convert Automatically to Google Docs Format or Confirm First? (Screencast)

  6. How do I share a document with just selected users? (Screencast)
    1. In the under righthand corner of the Google Doc screen is a button called Share. Click on it.
    2. Type in the e-mail addresses of the people you wish to share the document with.
    3. You can select whether the users can just view, edit, or comment on the document

  7. How do I publish a document for everyone to see? (Screencast)
    1. Click on the Share button again.
    2. The first line of that pop up menu controls the published state of the document. The default is Private.
    3. To change that, click Change.
    4. In your Google Apps account, you have five options:
      1. Public on Web
      2. Anyone with the Link
      3. Public in your Google Apps Domain *
      4. Anyone with the Link in your Domain *
      5. Private *
        * You must be logged in to view or edit the document.
    5. Once you publish it, a URL will appear in the sharing box. You can copy and paste that link or use the Gmail, Buzz, Facebook, or Twitter links to share via those tools.

  8. How do I share a template with my students? (Screencast)
    1. Create a document (of any type)
    2. Publish for everyone to see (but not edit!)
    3. Link to it from a Doc or Site.
    4. Have students Make a copy
    5. They can then use it as needed.

  9. How can I collect student work in Google Docs?
    1. Have the student create the file and share it with the teacher (and any collaborators).
    2. Make sure to use a naming convention (see below)

    • Method #2 - A class shared collection (Screencast)
    1. Create a collection (aptly named) and share it with all of the students in the class.
    2. Students can then drop their assignments into it as needed.
    3. The problem with this method is that other students will be able to see and edit everyone's work in the folder.

    • Method #3 - Individual student folders (Screencast)
    1. Have each student create a collection with a naming convention you decide upon.
    2. Then students need to share that collection with the teacher.
    3. The teacher then files the student collections into a separate collection.
    4. As students complete work, they add it to their shared collection, automatically giving the teacher viewing and editing rights.

  10. What about naming conventions?
    Your life will be a lot easier if you create some sort of naming convention. This will allow you to readily identify the student and assignment (and class if you have multiple sets of students).

    I use: period_assignment_lastname --> 3_DBQ_McDowell

  11. How can people interact within Google Docs and what can I do with those interactions?
    In Google Docs you can add comments, participate in discussions (through the comments feature), and chat. Students can actively discuss collaborative projects, teachers can provide feedback during the development of the Doc, and teachers can annotate grades. 
    1. Highlight the word or words your comment will be referencing.
    2. Go to Insert in the Google Docs menu bar and down to Add Comment
    3. A box on the right side of the screen will appear. Type your comment or question.
  • Discussions (See Adding Comments screencast)
    1. Discussions are part of the comments feature. Once someone has comment, other document collaborators can respond to the comments. E-mails are sent to everyone involve when new comments are added. This allows asynchronous collaboration on a Doc.
    1. When more than one user is editing a document, a note will appear on the top right of the Google Docs menu bar. If you click on that message, a chat window will open up on the right side of the screen.