Digital Source Materials

The internet contains a plethora of excellent, and some not so excellent, resources for ELA.  Weeding through material can be extremely time consuming and frustrating!  Here are some EXCELLENT places to find digital source materials:

KEY POINTS: When you find a digital resource, it is helpful to copy and paste this resource into a Google Doc so students can interact with the document.  Reading documents online also helps prepare students for online tests like the CCSS Smarter Balanced Assessment.  Take a look at an assignment which integrates "Room for Debate" resources, Google Docs, and online research.

ACTIVITY: Finding resources can be a daunting task, but working together with colleagues can be a rewarding and time-saving experience. 

For this activity, please take a few moments to peruse any of the above links.  Once you've found a resource item that peaks your interest, please add it to this resource list.  For an extra challenge, see if you can add a clickable link to the resource on the spreadsheet.