Collecting Work in Drive

If you plan to use Google Drive and Docs, you have to have a system in place as to HOW you are going to collect assignments. Especially if you plan on using it often.

Method #1 - Individual (Screencast)
  1. Have the student create the file and share it with the teacher (and any collaborators).
  2. Make sure to use a naming convention (see below)
Method #2 - A class shared collection (Screencast)
  1. Create a collection (aptly named) and share it with all of the students in the class.
  2. Students can then drop their assignments into it as needed.
  3. The problem with this method is that other students will be able to see and edit everyone's work in the folder, but it could be great for Peer Reviews!
Method #3 - Individual student folders (Screencast) - RECOMMENDED
  1. Have each student create a collection with a naming convention you decide upon.
  2. Then students need to share that collection with the teacher.
  3. The teacher then files the student collections into a separate collection.
  4. As students complete work, they add it to their shared collection, automatically giving the teacher viewing and editing rights.
Naming Conventions
Your life will be a lot easier if you create some sort of naming convention. This will allow you to readily identify the student and assignment (and class if you have multiple sets of students).

I use: period - lastname - assignment ---> 3 - McDowell - DBQ