Word processing is not rocket science. It isn't new. It isn't exciting. Unless talking about the ability to collaborate. (Or you are an English teacher).

Let's start there
  1. Open up this document.
  2. Find your assigned row.
  3. Type your responses.
What did we learn?

Key elements of collaboration in Google Docs
  1. Sharing is caring. You must share the document with editing or commenting rights.
  2. Set up parameters for sharing.
Your turn
  1. Create a document.
  2. Share it with someone on your team.

Sharing Help (Screencast)
  1. In the under righthand corner of the Google Doc screen is a button called Share. Click on it.
  2. Type in the e-mail addresses of the people you wish to share the document with.
  3. You can select whether the users can just view, edit, or comment on the document