Working With Documents in Google Drive

In this activity you will learn how to:
  • Access Google Drive             
  • Create a folder
  • Utilize naming conventions
  • Share a folder
  • Copy a Google document
  • Comment on a Google document

Step 1: Access Google Drive
  1. Log in to your GUHSD email account
  2. Click on the cube icon in the top right-hand corner
  3. Click on the "Drive" icon

Step 2: Create a Folder
  1. Click on the red "Create" icon
  2. Select "Folder"

Step 3: Utilize Naming Conventions
  1. Name your folder like this: lastname_firstname (i.e., baker_april)

Step 4: Share a Folder
  1. Select your folder by clicking on the box next to your folder name
  2. Click the "Share" icon (it looks like a person's head with a plus sign)
  3. Invite Dan and I to the folder ( and
  4. Click "Share and Save"

Step 5: Copy a Google Document
  1. Open this document: Essay 1  
  2. Select "File" and "Make a Copy"
  3. Go back to your Drive
  4. Locate Essay 1 and drag into your new folder
  5. Rename Essay 1: lastname_firstname_essay1  (i.e., baker_april_essay1)

Step 6: Highlight and Comment on a Google Document
  1. Open the essay
  2. Read the essay and answer the three questions by adding comments
    1. To add a comment, highlight the area that pertains to your comment
    2. Click "Insert" and then click "Comment"
    3. Type your comment
  3. Also highlight vocabulary your students might now know (pink) and the author's perspective (blue).
    1. To do this add the Text Help Study Skills Add-on in your document.