Web Tools Madness

Web Tools Madness 2015 is coming! 

In a partnership with Bracketeers.com, we are offering a chance for teachers, instructional coaches, and educational technology administrators the chance to participate in the first annual Web Tools Madness Event!

This is a great chance to showcase innovative uses of web tools that highlight the 4Cs and the various stages of the SAMR model.


Here is how it works:
  1. Educators submit your favorite web tools or digital teaching strategies to this form by Wednesday, March 11. 
  2. A bracket will be built in Bracketeers.com and published via this site, Twitter, Google +, and any other outlet we can find.
  3. Teachers, administrators, etc. can build their bracket.
  4. Then the whole world starts voting. At each phase, notices will be sent out to vote and we can see the results start to unfold.