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Tech Support
If you have a technical concern regarding a machine, printer, student login, network connection, or other online service; 
use one of these three methods to get support:

GUHSD uses the MyTechDesk application to track technical issues. Submitting a ticket through MyTechDesk ensures that your concern is trackable and checked by multiple people in ETS. It is the virtual paper trail.

This is the BEST method if you have a problem that does not need immediate attention.

  1. Visit the MyTechDesk website
  2. Log in with your Email address and Performance Profile password.
  3. Select the problem and describe it
  4. To check progress, log back into the system.
Can't access MyTechDesk? Call the Help Line. (956-HELP)

Site Tech Specialist

MyTechDesk tickets from your site are viewed by your Site Tech Specialist. You may contact them directly, but ETS encourages you to also submit a ticket.

The ETS Department staffs a Help Desk during business hours.

When should I call?
If your technical concern is urgent and needs to be addressed immediately. If it is not urgent, please submit a MyTechDesk ticket.

If you are unsure, call the Help Desk and they will help you determine the appropriate next steps.