Telling Your Story

What was your story last year?

Ways to Tell Your Story
Other Things to Consider
  • What does your school / department website say about what you are doing?
  • Square photos
  • Hashtags
Mobile Photography

  1. Using your phone, go and take 10-15 photographs of the following topics:
    1. Classroom (400 Building in ECV)
    2. Individual desks
    3. Hallway
    4. ECV campus
    5. 2-3 close-ups
  2. Set-up a school or professional Instagram and a Twitter Account and post one photo to both. Add #guhsdsamurai and your school's hashtag.
    1. #guhsd
    2. #guhsdtech
    3. #futureforward
    4. #evcfutureforward
    5. #bebrave
    6. #whhsfutureforward