Looking Forward

Where do you go from here?
  1. Go to the Samurai Planning and Reflection Form
  2. Take some time to go back through the Samurai workshop topics and reflect on what you can do in the next year to address those items in your professional practices.

Teaching with Technology

  • SAMR Model

  • 4Cs

BrightBytes Data

  • How will you share this data? What are two-three topics you think are important for your site / district to focus on in the first semester?

  • Workshop Page Link

Google Apps Cookbook

  • One or two ideas you would like to implement this year. What help do you need?

  • Workshop Page Link

Furthering the Discussion with Staff

  • How can you share ideas with staff? Facilitate discussions? Talk about modern teaching practices? Where is the line?

  • Workshop Page Link

Part 2: Telling Your Story

Outreach Plan

  • How will you tell your story?

  • What are your hashtags?

  • What photos can you take to tell your story?


  • Twitter

  • Instagram

  • Hashtags