4Cs Activity

4Cs Overview

Goals of Session
  1. Learn about the 4Cs in today's classroom.
  2. Develop a guide on one of the 4Cs.
  3. Review the guides developed by your peers.
  4. Reflect on how you can support and engage teachers about these ideas.
4Cs Overview

4Cs Activity
  1. In groups you will be assigned a 4Cs topic (and group). Everyone in the group should open the document.
  2. Review the following resources independently:
  3. As a group, discuss each of the parts of the guide.
  4. Create a four slide Google Presentation that includes the following:
    1. A brief definition of your C
    2. A list of action words describing your C
    3. 2-3 examples of your C in the classroom
  5. Share out your presentation
  6. Individually answer the questions in the Reflection: Encourage and Support document.