Research and Create

Part 3: Digital Citizenship Poster Project
This project should be done in groups of 2-4.

After researching your topic, create a poster in Google Drawing that is pleasantly designed and includes:
  • At least two images
  • 3-5 digital citizenship tips for teachers.
Process - Research
  1. One person in the group should open this Google Document Research Guide. Make a copy of the document. Then he/she needs to share it with the other group members. 

  2. Name it: Research-LastNames (e.g. Research-McDowell-Hoffman)

  3. Using the research bar, collectively find at least three websites with information on your topics. Take notes on the document in the provided boxes.
Process - Create Your Google Drawing
  1. As a group, decide on the 3-5 tips for teachers and students.

  2. The SAME person who shared the Research Guide, should create a Google Drawing. Then share it with the other group members, and change the access to Anyone with link.
    Name it: DigitalCitizenshipPoster-Lastnames

  3. Find images to go with your poster.
  4. Design the poster. If you want a quick overview of Google Drawing and how to use it, watch the Google Drawing Basics.

  5. When finished, one member of the team should download it as a JPG and put it on a blank side in this Google Presentation.