GUHSDtech Samurai Program
The GUSHDtech Samurai Program is designed to provide GUHSD administrators with a strong foundation in the key elements of digital leadership. Our students must be prepared to live and thrive in environments where their interactions with digital tools, information, and other technologies are essential. The GUHSD FutureForward Program promises to redefine what most teachers and administrators know about teaching. We must build the capacity to keep up with these changes.

A GUHSDtech Samurai will be given the knowledge and tools to start to:
  • See the power of how technology can amplify and transform what is possible in education
  • Provide insight into the classroom changed by technology tools
  • Learn tools that will help you model good instructional practices and do your job more efficiently
  • Understand how to stay on top of trends and learn new practices
  • Lead in a digital age.
Why Samurais?
Samurais are connected to the land, are willing to defend it at any cost, and will do everything in their power to have it prosper in the current age. They also work with neighboring samurais to build up the region. These ideas work well for school administrators and embody the spirit of the workshops - innovation, digital leadership, and collaboration.

The sessions are designed to provide a wide range of information and develop important skills. Each day will build upon the previous days.

Day 1: Innovation in the Classroom
While there are numerous aspects of digital leadership, we will start with the classroom. Everything else in our educational world is secondary to what happens when students gather with a teacher to learn. It is the job of all administrators to remain connected to that environment, especially as it becomes wildly different than our own time with students. 

Day 2: Efficiency, Social Media, and Amplifying Your Story
Technology tools can bolster and streamline your workflow. Plus, in this digital age, it has never been more important to share our successes and connect with our communities.

Day 3: Professional Learning and Development
This career is a journey. Even when we revisit the same places, it is filled with new people, barriers, and experiences. With the right toolset and mindset, we can be prepared to lead our teachers forward and empower them to engage their students with innovative teaching practices.

(July 1 or July 7)

(July 9 or August 10)

(August 12 or 19)