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YouTube is the perfect place for teachers and students to upload, store, and share videos.  

Mobile Apps
Why YouTube instead of Google Drive for video?
  • Doesn’t count against storage space
  • More reliable, especially if many accessing at once
  • You can create playlists that include original and other people’s videos.
  • Export/Publish to YouTube common for many video editors and screencast extensions.
  • Easier to embed in website

Key Things to Know:

  • Your Channel: Your Username is your channel - you have your own personal broadcast space!
  • Playlists: Much like music playlists, you can have several and customize them for whatever purpose you’d like. In classroom, consider playlists for different units or projects. You can have a combination of your own original works and links to other quality videos you find on YouTube.
  • Video Settings - Public vs Private vs Unlisted :
    • Public - this is the default setting.  Anyone can see your video.
    • Private - People must be invited by you to be able to view the video.  Those invited must have YouTube accounts, and the maximum number of invites is 50.  A private video will not show up in any search results.
    • Unlisted - Your video can be viewed by anyone with the link, but the video will not show up in any search results.
Bells and Whistles:
  • Simple Video Editing (probably better to use iMovie or WeVideo and then upload/export to YouTube)
  • Add Subtitles and Closed Captioning to YouTube videos (excellent if you have hard-of-hearing students)
  • Cards to video can let viewers click and go to links as relevant to your video
  • Annotations make the video interactive for viewer
  • Download mp4 audio from your videos (convert a video to a podcast!)
  • Enhancements allow you to add filters, timelapse to existing videos

Developed by author, John Green, and his brother, Hank Green, CrashCourse is a great channel for videos on U.S. History, World History, English Language Arts, Ecology, Biology and Chemistry.

This is a great resource for video content on a wide variety of subjects like math, science, and humanities.