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Video Projects

Video projects are a powerful storytelling alternative. They introduce students to the creator's side of media literacy.  Students constantly consuming video, but how often do they create their own?  You can give them a chance to be a producer.

WeVideo - Online video editor. All GUHSD students have an account. 
Making it Happen in Your Classroom
Teacher Preparation
  1. GUHSD has purchased the premium version of WeVideo. Prior to you or your students' first time logging in make sure you review the instructions on the GUHSDtech WeVideo Page
  2. Start your plan with the Digital Project Template 
  3. Determine a video length (example: 45-60 seconds)
  4. Storyboard - before recording or editing
  5. Introducing filming techniques
  6. Fair use music options
  7. Develop a collection plan
Lesson Implementation
  1. Have students go to and "Sign-in with Google"
  2. Storyboard, edit, submit video  
  3. Review collected final products
  4. Optional: Have a class vote using Google Forms on the best video