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Social Media Generators

Writing and thinking can take many forms. Sometimes trying to express a complex idea in an abbreviated manner can challenge and engage students in a different way. These strategies give students that chance in a world they know - social media.

Twitter Tweet GeneratorThis website allows students to create fake Twitter tweets and chats.

Snapchat GeneratorThis website allows students to create fake Snapchat images.

Meme Generator - Memes have become all the rage on your students' Instagram and Tumblr feeds. What if you could apply memes to an idea being discussed in class?

Making it Happen in Your Classroom
Teacher Preparation
Social Media Generators are easy to use and the two below do not require that students create an account.
  1. Push out website link via Classroom (or other method).
  2. Develop a collection plan.  
    1. Collect URL of final product through Google Forms.
    2. Have students save final product as an image file and insert into a shared Google Slides presentation 
Lesson Implementation
  1. Have students open up the URL.
  2. Show students how to create a tweet or meme.
    1. Twitter Tweet Generator - upload a picture, enter text, and download OR screenshot the image.
    2. Meme Generator - choose or upload a picture, enter top and bottom text, and right-click and download as an image.
  3. Let them create.
  4. Review collected final products.
  5. Optional: Have a class vote using Google Forms on the best tweet, twitter chat, or meme.