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Kahoot & Quizizz

Kahoot and Quizzes are online tools that provide interactive quiz experiences. These tools can be used to check for understanding and review content; however, they aren't formal assessment tools. Since they are web-based, they are compatible with all devices, including smartphones!

With Kahoot, teachers can easily create learning games in just a few minutes. Teachers can even add images and videos to the questions.  Kahoots is meant to be interactive, so they work best in a group setting.  Students can even create their own Kahoots to share with the class.

Learn the Basics

Quizizz is another web-based classroom activity that allows teachers to easily check for understanding and provide practice opportunities. Teachers can use their curated question sets or create quizzes of your own.

Making it Happen in Your Classroom
    Teacher Preparation
  1. Write your quiz content
  2. Choose your platform
  3. Create your free account
  4. Build quiz
    Lesson Implementation
  1. Have students login to the student side of the platform
  2. Give them the quiz code
  3. Have them join the quiz
  4. Let the fun begin!

Kahoots and Quizizz can be used in a wide variety of ways.  Teachers and students can create these interactive experiences for things like:
  • Unit review
  • Vocabulary review
  • Reading comprehension checks
  • Exit ticket
  • Introduce a concept or topic
  • Test prep
  • Collaborative team competitions