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Gooru is a free, open, community-led online platform offering K-12 learning resources and real-time data to track learners' progress.  We foster collaboration to maximize the collective impact as we work to support the diverse needs of learners everywhere and honor the human right to education.

Gooru provides standards-aligned, customizable content that you can build into interactive lessons for your students.  Teachers share their Gooru collections with students, and can track student progress through the assigned material which provides valuable feedback. 

Making it Happen in Your Classroom
Teacher Preparation
  1. Create your free Gooru account 
    1. Use Google single sign-on to sync Gooru with Google Classroom!
  2. Build your profile
  3. Find content resources
  4. Find assessments
  5. Build your content into a collection
  6. Publish your collection
  7. Build more collections to make a unit or an entire course!
  1. Create a class  (Gooru automatically syncs with Google Classroom)
  2. Add your course
  3. Show students how to access the content
  4. Let the learning begin!

Gooru Examples

Gooru Content Structure

Gooru Analytics - tracking student progress

Gooru Student View