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Google Forms

Create surveys that can easily be accessed online.  Google Forms collects the data submitted by participants into a Google Spreadsheet.  Google Spreadsheets can be formatted to analyze and assess the responses.

Learn the Basics
    Additional Resources
In-App Training Extension
Making it Happen in Your Classroom
    Teacher Preparation
  1. Determine the purpose of your Google Form
  2. Create the Google Form
    Lesson Implementation
  1. Push out the Form via Google Classroom
  2. Students answer questions
  3. View responses in the Spreadsheet
  4. Optional: Project responses (hide names) on screen for discussion

    Forms Uses and Examples

    Delivering Instruction
    Collecting Digital Assignments
    Skill Practice
    Document Analysis
    Image Analysis
    Reflective Writing
    Information Collection
    Instant Response Viewing
    Survey / Feedback
    Study Guide
    Voting / Shoutouts
      And More