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Remind is a great way to communicate with students and parents without needing to exchange cellphone numbers.  You can send reminders, announcements, and even attach and send out a file.

Remind Basics Tutorials
Remind Playlist on YouTube - Remind has a lot of great video tutorials for digging deeper into all that Remind can do.

Mobile Apps
Making it Happen in Your Classroom
Teacher Preparation
  1. Set up your Remind account
  2. Create your classes 
  3. Get instructions for student and parent access
    1. In-class
    2. Via flyer
    3. Via email
You can introduce Remind to your students using any or all of these methods:
  1. Project instructions for student access and have students join with their cellphones and/or laptops
  2. Hand out flyers so students and parents can join at home
  3. Send emails to students and parents inviting them to join
  4. Send your first Remind!

Suggested Uses

Sending Reminders 
Sending Links or Files
Build Engagement / Anticipation