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Actively Learn

Actively Learn is a flexible reading platform that allows teachers to embed questions, notes, and multimedia into texts so students are interacting with the reading material on a more meaningful level.  It can be used in any content area!

With Actively Learn, teachers can choose from a wide-range of ready-made assignments across the content areas, or they can custom design their own. 

Actively Learn integrates with Google Drive, Docs, and Classroom. 

Getting Started / Tutorials

Making it Happen in Your Classroom

Teacher Preparation
The steps for getting started with Actively Learn are:
  1. Create a Teacher account (You can sign in with Google)
  2. Explore the catalog or upload your own text(s)
  3. Build your assignment
  4. Create a class
  5. Assign text(s) to students

Lesson Implementation
Once you've created your assignment, getting students going is easy!
  1. Have students sign up for the class with the class code
  2. Give students an overview of how to work through an Actively Learn assignment
  3. Let them go!
  4. Grade and assess student work


Embedded short answer question 

Embedded media with question
Note Sharing and Collaboration
Feedback and Grades