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Teacher Computer Program

As the GUHSD district expands its commitment to classroom technology use, we are happy to announce a teacher laptop replacement program. Using the one-time Common Core funds, selected teachers will have their choice of a PC, Mac, or Chromebook. While we are unable to do a complete refresh at this time, we will make significant progress. Each site has received a portion of the budget based upon the student population.

Prerequisite Expectations
  1. Participate in a one hour webinar that focuses on technology in the 21st century classroom.
  2. Maintain a basic classroom website. 
  3. Raise Google Drive proficiency to a basic level if needed. This will be determined in the application. 

Questions should be directed to your Site Technology Coordinator.

A Note about FITT computers
FITT computers that are sluggish or slow should be re-imaged. This will often increase the speed of the machines and prolong their usefulness. This may need to be done periodically.

Throughout this process, FITT laptops will be collected by Site Tech Specialists and reimaged. They will be deployed as needed for teachers who do not get replacement laptops.
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Direct questions to Dan McDowell at