Open Educational Resources

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What are Open Educational Resources?

OER Program and Process Overview

2016-2017 Development
GUHSD has started the curation of OER materials for NGSS Earth and Space Systems, Biology, World History, and Economics.

GUHSD Resources
All GUHSD created materials have the following license.

#GoOpen - Office of Educational Technology
OER Example Curriculums
  • Honors Geometry (CK-12) - Written by currulum developers at CK-12. It is an openly licensed resource.
  • Biology (CK-12) - Written by currculum developers at CK-12. It is an openly licensed resource.
  • World History Studies (CK-12) - Curated by teachers in the El Paso, Texas school district.
  • AP Government (Gooru) - Curriculum curated and developed by West Hills teacher Randy Cambou
These examples fit into the Core Content section of the GUHSD Unit Template / Sample. They are only one component of the GUHSD Curriculum Collection plan. 

Other Resources