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Master Schedule Planning and Building

 Planning Overview (11:17) - Jake Gaeir Laundry Sheets,  Meeting with key personnel, Programming, Teacher Recommendations, Student meetings with Counselors, Walkin Scheduler, Load Studies, Chair meetings
 Planning Overview Q&A (4:59)Why not just use MyApp? Hand-entering the load study data?
 Creation and Review (13:00) - Joel TroppWho does what in Walkin Scheduler and site process variations: old ways meet new
 Creation and Review Q&A (1:53)How do we know students are getting what they need?
 Campus Demo Part I (14:57) - Dave WatkinsMyApp, Walkin Scheduler, Adding Requests, Schedule Wizard
 Campus Demo Part II (8:38) - Dave WatkinsView Conflicts, Loading Rules, Teacher View, Autoloading, Course Planner, Viewing Attrition
 Do NOT Unbuild! (1:41) - Joel Tropp
 Reports Part I (12:44) - Mary Nishikawa Master Schedule Report, Requests Satisfied Report, Schedule Conflict Report, Student Gap Scheduler
 Reports Part II (8:52) - Mary Nishikawa, Marc Brown  Request Detail Report, Course Projections, Q&A, Seat Count Report