Part 7: Maintaining

    Google Sites has more features and abilities than were covered in this tutorial. As a teacher in GUHSD, you have access to The following is the Google Sites Essentials videos divided by topic. 

    (PLEASE NOTE: You must log in to Lynda first before click on these links).

    1. What is Google Sites?

    2. Google Sites and your Google account

    1. Working in the Sites homepage

    2. Creating a new site from a blank template

    3. Creating a new site from an existing template

    4. Adding a description and categories to a site

    5. Defining a site URL

    1. Formatting text on a page

    2. Adding links

    3. Copying and pasting text

    4. Changing the page layout

    1. Understanding the five page types

    2. Creating a new page from a page template

    3. Managing an announcement page

    4. Managing a list page

    5. Managing a file cabinet page

    1. Adding an image from your computer

    2. Linking to an image on the web

    3. Adding a YouTube video

    4. Inserting a video from Google Docs

    1. Deleting a page

    2. Moving a page

    3. Displaying subpages

    1. Setting the location of the navigation

    2. Adding pages to the navigation bar

    3. Changing the order of navigation elements

    4. Adding an outside URL to the navigation bar

    5. Creating multiple navigation sections

    1. Inserting Google Docs on a page

    2. Controlling the visibility of Google Docs

    3. Inserting Google Calendars on a page

    4. Controlling the visibility of a Google Calendar

    5. Removing and resizing docs and calendars

    1. Applying a design theme

    2. Designing a site header

    3. Changing the fonts and colors

    4. Managing the site layout

    1. Understanding site gadgets

    2. Using gadgets to pull from other site pages

    3. Adding gadgets from the Gadget Gallery

    4. Managing gadget properties

    1. Defining owners, editors, and viewers

    2. Changing site visibility

    3. Editing pages simultaneously

    4. Exploring page revision history

    1. Google Sites Help Center

    2. Google Sites updates