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Ninja 1.0

Google Apps for Education has infiltrated our classrooms and our lives. Every student and teacher have vast amounts of power within their GUHSD Google Account.

The GUHSDtech Google Ninja program provides an opportunity for teachers to build their knowledge and confidence related to integrating technology into the classroom. It also gets a group of motivated teachers into the same room to share and to build a community of connected innovators bent on breaking the mold of a teacher-centered classroom. This is not a journey you will take alone.

Our guiding principles include:
  • Student learning
  • Student engagement
  • Collaboration and sharing
While there will be some traditional “sessions” found at workshops and conferences, most of our time together will be spent exploring the potential of the Google for Education toolset and other technologies in the classroom, establishing best practices, and finding ways to share our successes with others.

 - Game On -

Past Ninja Workshops
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Day 2 / Day 3